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Six places to use would

30 Jun 2016Kasra Sharifan
There are many modal verbs you use in English such as "can", "may", should", etc. However, when it comes to "would", it becomes rather strange. If you feel that you also get confused when you see "would" in a sentence, then reading this lesson wouldn't be a bad idea.

would it?

Four ways to avoid repetition

27 May 2016Kasra Sharifan4
Many IELTS candidates complain about repeating the same words and structures in their speaking and writing. Therefore, they are determined to learn synonyms for the words they already know; we know this is not always the correct way and may even result in lower scores.

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Choose your IELTS center

20 May 2016Kasra Sharifan
When choosing your center, you must make sure you are about to register at an authentic center and you do so one month in advance. Here are the list of authentic centers where you can take IELTS.

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How do referents work?

14 May 2016Mehdi Safavi
"I like my cat because the cat is so cute. But the cat is very messy, and I keep putting away the cat's toys. Well, sometimes, I even regret buying the cat." Don't you feel that there is something odd about the cat story?! It doesn't really sound natural, does it?

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Is General IELTS easier than Academic?

15 Apr 2016Mehdi Safavi4
You might be in two minds about whether to take the Academic version of IELTS or General Training, but is one really easier than the other?

Which is easier?