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Choose your IELTS center

20 May 2016Kasra Sharifan
When choosing your center, you must make sure you are about to register at an authentic center and you do so one month in advance. Here are the list of authentic centers where you can take IELTS.

Check them out:

Why do we read?

01 May 2016Mehdi Safavi
When you use the word "reading", you usually refer to "looking at written words and understanding what they mean"; however, this is not always what reading means. In fact, there are a number of ways to read, each with a different purpose.

What are they?

A 400-year-old question

22 Apr 2016Kasra Sharifan
April 23, 2016 marks the 400th anniversary of the creator of "To be, or not to be; that is the question:", William Shakespeare. It is a fitting moment to commemorate his distinguished works and in doing so, read and answer an IELTS reading question type: Finding Information in Paragraphs.

Read and answer

Is General IELTS easier than Academic?

15 Apr 2016Mehdi Safavi4
You might be in two minds about whether to take the Academic version of IELTS or General Training, but is one really easier than the other?

Which is easier?

Elevate to IELTS Band Score 8.0

26 Feb 2016Kasra Sharifan
Having been selected the best 2014 app of the year by Apple, Elevate is a personalized brain training app which includes research-backed games to improve your English comprehension, ability to focus, self-confidence and much more.

Elevate to IELTS 8.0