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Is watching English series that good?

10 Nov 2016Soolmaz Neishaboori1
Many students may wonder if watching English T.V series can improve their English learning or not. We believe that watching T.V series, situation comedies also known as sitcoms in particular, have many advantages.

Here are 7 benefits!

Choose your IELTS center

20 May 2016Kasra Sharifan
When choosing your center, you must make sure you are about to register at an authentic center and you do so one month in advance. Here are the list of authentic centers where you can take IELTS.

Check them out:

Is General IELTS easier than Academic?

15 Apr 2016Mehdi Safavi4
You might be in two minds about whether to take the Academic version of IELTS or General Training, but is one really easier than the other?

Which is easier?

Ever Heard of IELTS UKVI?

01 Apr 2016Kasra Sharifan
IELTS has 2 more modules for UK Visas and Immigration (IELTS UKVI). The tests are simpler and only assess your Listening and Speaking. The questions are focused on everyday life situations, and you must show you have the skills needed.

Check them out

The American Speech Music

25 Mar 2016Mehdi Safavi
A couple of days ago, a young man called me and asked if I could teach him how to speak more efficient English even though he was already at an advanced level of English! He said after living in the US for years, he was not able to make himself understood because Americans could not understand his accent.

How do Americans speak?