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Secrets behind Apostrophe

22 Jul 2016Kasra Sharifan
Apostrophe (') is a punctuation mark which is mainly used in two areas: 1- possessives and 2- omission. However, there is another usage which is widely ignored, not to mention many other points to consider. Let's find out apostrophe's secrets.

Secrets behind Apostrophe

Six places to use would

30 Jun 2016Kasra Sharifan
There are many modal verbs you use in English such as "can", "may", should", etc. However, when it comes to "would", it becomes rather strange. If you feel that you also get confused when you see "would" in a sentence, then reading this lesson wouldn't be a bad idea.

would it?

Is General IELTS easier than Academic?

15 Apr 2016Mehdi Safavi4
You might be in two minds about whether to take the Academic version of IELTS or General Training, but is one really easier than the other?

Which is easier?

Elevate to IELTS Band Score 8.0

26 Feb 2016Kasra Sharifan
Having been selected the best 2014 app of the year by Apple, Elevate is a personalized brain training app which includes research-backed games to improve your English comprehension, ability to focus, self-confidence and much more.

Elevate to IELTS 8.0

How to generalize in English

11 Dec 2015Kasra Sharifan3
IELTS writing Task 2 and IELTS Speaking part 3 are the sections where candidates are asked more general questions. That is why every IELTS candidate must know how to properly address more general questions, but unfortunately in many cases, they don't.

Read to know why!