Is watching English series that good?

Is watching English series that good?

10 Nov 2016Soolmaz Neishaboori 5
Many students may wonder if watching English T.V series can improve their English learning or not. We believe that watching T.V series, situation comedies also known as sitcoms in particular, have many advantages.

Sitcoms will:

1- expose you to natural language

Many sitcoms provide you with examples of English used in real situations outside the classroom. They expose you to natural expressions and the natural flow of speech, especially if you are not living in an English-speaking environment.

2- help you understand more

By watching a sitcom, you are listening to language exchanges and watching facial expressions and gestures at the same time. That’s why it’s easier to understand the language compared to classrooms.

3- improve your range of vocabulary more efficiently

By watching sitcoms, you can learn new words in a context and familiarize yourselves with the poper use of them.

4- teach you new collocations

One of the ways of speaking a language more naturally is using collocations. When we see sitcoms, we are actually watching real-life examples of many collocations. Therefore, remembering them will become much easier compared to reading written examples in dictionaries.

5- teach you culture

When it comes to learning a foreign language, learning a culture can be as important. In some cases, certain vocabularies cannot be understood unless students have learned the cultural background. Consider Thanksgiving, for instance, understanding the clear definition of this word is closely related to the American culture behind it. Therefore, watching situation comedies such
as “Friends” can help us with raising our knowledge of English speakers’ culture.

6- end soon

Sitcoms are short. They last 30 minutes at most, so they let you come back to the characters again and again and predict what will happen next. So if you can spend 30 minutes a day, why not try watching comedy series?

7-motivate you

Watching sitcoms can make your language learning process more entertaining and enjoyable. There are times when we may feel bored and want to make the most of our free time. That’s when we should turn to sitcoms to have fun and at the same time learn English.


Now that we know watching sitcoms is beneficial to our language learning, there are some points to remember:

  • Watch no more than three episodes a week.
  • You shouldn’t watch all the episodes of a week in one night.
  • Remember not to ruin all the fun by pausing too many times to check new words.
  • Never watch a sitcom with the translated subtitles on.

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  1. Hassan Guest

    8 months ago

    Thank you for your lovely tips. :)

  2. M E

    Last year

    Thanks a lot. But the point is that watching movies or sitcoms without English subtitle is not as beneficial as watching them with subtitle(English). If I want to watch 30 minutes per day, it takes about one and a half hours, because I want to check all new words. So, as I find it time-consuming, I try not to watch them any more :(

  3. Hi. I think English TV series can improve your range of words efficiently. As you know that the most of Persian students, who attempt to learn English, At first change the meaning of words in Persian and then memorize them (the way that the most of the time i do :-) ). sometimes you get confused how to use the word in the sentences, so this is one of disadvantages of this learning words manner. But, English TV series help you realize the correct usage of words. Is there any problem to use English subtitle for English TV series or Not ? Best Regards

    • Kasra Sharifan Admin  Mehrdad Ghadiri Reply

      Last year

      Thank you Mehrdad for sharing your thoughts with IELTS Juice :) Let us see what others have to say about the disadvantages (or even more advantages) of watching English TV series.

  4. hosein Guest

    Last year

    thanks for sharing