Is watching English series that good?

10 Nov 2016Soolmaz Neishaboori5
Many students may wonder if watching English T.V series can improve their English learning or not. We believe that watching T.V series, situation comedies also known as sitcoms in particular, have many advantages.

Here are 7 benefits!


19 Aug 2016Kasra Sharifan2
Do you want to improve your range of vocabulary but don't know how? Are you tired of boring techniques for learning vocabulary? Maybe people have suggested memorizing a dictionary to you! Well,

here's the answer!

Secrets behind Apostrophe

22 Jul 2016Kasra Sharifan
Apostrophe (') is a punctuation mark which is mainly used in two areas: 1- possessives and 2- omission. However, there is another usage which is widely ignored, not to mention many other points to consider. Let's find out apostrophe's secrets.

Secrets behind Apostrophe

Six places to use would

30 Jun 2016Kasra Sharifan
There are many modal verbs you use in English such as "can", "may", should", etc. However, when it comes to "would", it becomes rather strange. If you feel that you also get confused when you see "would" in a sentence, then reading this lesson wouldn't be a bad idea.

would it?

Four ways to avoid repetition

27 May 2016Kasra Sharifan4
Many IELTS candidates complain about repeating the same words and structures in their speaking and writing. Therefore, they are determined to learn synonyms for the words they already know; we know this is not always the correct way and may even result in lower scores.

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