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FAQs about the IELTS Juice Online Academy

What exactly is the IELTS Juice Online Academy?
To put it briefly, you can prepare for your IELTS exam online...
without going to classes
with high quality
in a short time
and at a low cost.
What is the difference between you and other online IELTS courses?
There are lots of differences! For one thing, we are not just a download center for PDFs and illegally distributed learning materials, and you will not be bombarded with hundreds of resources. Instead, we actually TEACH you the four language skills. For another, all the video lessons used in our courses have been carefully produced in our own studio and based on our own educational syllabus which is the result of our team’s decades of teaching experience.
So, you mean you will teach me through Skype, and I’ll have to go online at specific times?
Not for all parts of the course! Contrary to popular belief about online education, the IELTS Juice Online Academy is not just a one-to-one Skype course. During your course, you study the video lessons and do the interactive exercises online, and in our blended systems, you will be invited to attend several virtual classes to ask your questions about previous lessons and learn about the new ones. So you can study in your own time and place.
How will you teach me, exactly?
Right after registration, your access to the course materials opens. Then, follow these steps:
1- Open a lesson
2- Read the “Before you Watch” section
3- Watch the video lesson carefully
4- Read the “After you Watch” section
5- Do the interactive exercises below every lesson
What if I have a question to ask?
If you have a question about the lesson you are studying, our IELTS experts are only a few clicks away! Below every lesson, there is a “Discussions” section where you can ask your questions, and we get your answer in less than 24 hours.
Who are your courses suitable for?

If you are already at an Intermediate level (at least), the IELTS Juice Online Academy is definitely a perfect option for you, but if you still need help with your general English, you can get complementary Skype lessons.

Not sure about your current level? Take the oxford-placement-test for free now!

Where is your office?
The IELTS Juice international team consists of English teachers, IELTS experts, IELTS examiners and web developers from around the globe. Learn more about us here.
What will I need for taking the IELTS Juice online courses?
Nothing apart from a computer and an average-speed Internet connection.
My Internet connection speed is low. Will that be a problem?
The good news is that the IELTS Juice online courses are prepared in a way that even very low-speed Internet users are able to study for IELTS. You can wait for the videos to be buffered and loaded in a few minutes and then start viewing.
What about books? What books do I need to buy for the courses?
You will not need any IELTS preparation books whatsoever, and downloadable supplementary books are provided. You will only need to get IELTS practice materials (Cambridge IELTS 6-11). Also, for vocabulary and grammar learning, some books are recommended at the right time during the courses.
Is there a trial version? Can I see some of the lessons before registering?
Yes, of course. The first chapter of each course is open to the public and accessible for free. There are even demo versions for each lesson.
How long are the online courses?
There is one course for each IELTS skill. The length of your preparation depends on your English level, the time you allocate and your IELTS test date because they are self-paced. Your access to the courses is opened for 70 days (more than two months) as soon as you register, but you can complete each course in a few weeks.

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How much do the courses cost?
You’ll be surprised to hear that you can prepare for each IELTS skill for as low as 49 US dollars! So for a complete online IELTS course, you will only pay 196 US dollars.
Will I receive a certificate at the end of the course?
Your most valued certificate will be your IELTS TRF with a high band score which is achievable by taking the courses seriously and studying every day. However, IELTS Juice issues certificates of completion when you study all the lessons and do the exercises.
How can I pay for the courses?
You can always pay via PayPal, but if you have no international credit card, contact us and we will arrange alternative payment methods based on your country.
Is it possible to have a private class with your IELTS teachers in my hometown?
It sure is. We do have teachers in many parts of the world. All you have to do is contact us to register for a class where you live. However, as we have teachers in almost every timezone of the globe, you can always enjoy online classes via Skype if your level of English is lower than Intermediate or you prefer doing a one-to-one course rather than self-paced.
Alright, I’ve decided to register for your online IELTS courses. What’s the next step?
Very simple! All the registration process takes place online and you can get started by clicking here.

Thank you very much for your help.
You’re most welcome. Happy learning! :)

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