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We provide every educational service that English learners and especially IELTS candidates need. Enjoy all the free lessons and tools, and register at the IELTS Juice Online Academy to fully prepare for the IELTS.

IELTS Online Academy

The world’s best Online IELTS preparation Academy with hours of video lessons, 24/7 IELTS tutor support, interactive exercises, discussion sections, webinars and downloadable materials.

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Weekly Lessons

We love our tiny weekly lessons and tips - and who wouldn't?! Hundreds of subscribers are already enjoying our weekly lessons, and If you sign up now, you will also receive the lessons in your email inbox!

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Oxford Placement Test

IELTS Juice offers this fantastic tool that measures your general English knowledge for free! It is the official Oxford Placement Test that determines your level of English and predicts your score in IELTS.

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Writing Correction

Send us your sentences, paragraphs, letters, reports or essays and one of our experienced IELTS experts will assess them for you. You will love the human feedback from our side and improve like never before! We have corrected 1637 writing tasks so far!

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Skype Classes

Study in one-to-one Skype classes. In the comfort of your living room and the time of you choice, you'll receive lessons from the most experienced teachers. As of today, more than 492 students have used our one-to-one lessons over Skype.

TED Talks

Practice your listening with short lectures from successful people. TED talks are a great learning source for you. Not only can you learn new things from successful people, but you may also improve your listening and learn new vocabulary and expressions.

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IELTS Juice Radio

What's easier than reading an English lesson?… Listening to it! And that's what you'll get here. Everyone loves listening to an English lesson on their phone or mp3 player. IELTS Juice's two-minute podcasts are short, exciting, and highly informative.

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IELTS Score Calculator

IELTS Score Calculator

We know it is not easy to calculate your own IELTS score, so we offer online score calculators that help you do this. Predict your listening and reading scores using our lovely score calculator.

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Writing Model Answers

Don't tell me what to do; show me how to do it! Ok, we will. You can't imagine how much you'll learn by reading model answers with examiners' comments.

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English Collocations

Learning vocabulary is not really enough; you’ll also need a lot of good collocations for success at IELTS. We have gathered some of the best English collocations for you.

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Useful Books

Your time is limited; don't waste it reading the wrong books! From time to time, new useful books come to the market and you will be the first to be informed. Isn't that amazing? What the IELTS Juice team does can save you time and money and you will no longer have to buy random books relying on trial and error.

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Useful Websites

The Internet can help a lot in IELTS preparation if you know the right websites. Besides IELTS Juice, there are many places for English learning. Don't worry! We do the searching; you do the studying.

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You don't want to miss any news in the field of IELTS, do you? Our mission is to be your eyes and ears and collect the most important news every IELTS candidate needs. You'll also be informed about the latest changes in IELTS Juice.

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Tips for Teachers

Fellow English teachers are also important to us! We love to share teaching tips and material with avid teachers. Both experienced IELTS teachers and newbies can benefit from our amazing teaching techniques collected through years of hard work.

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