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IELTS Juice offers English learning and IELTS preparation lessons, tools and services, as well as the world’s best Online IELTS Preparation Academy. There is something for every English learner and teacher!

Weekly Lessons

Free English lessons (listening, reading, etc.) for every level of English once a week.

Oxford Placement Test

Not sure about your level of English? test yourself today using the online OPT.


What's easier than reading an English lesson?... Listening to it! And that's what you'll get here. Two-minute podcasts.

IELTS Score Calculator

Predict your IELTS listening and reading scores using our lovely score calculators.

TED Talks

Improve your listening and academic English using lovely short lectures.

Recommended Books

Pick the right book from the list of recommended books. Never get confused!

Recommended website

Learn about other English learning websites that have useful things to offer.


Be the first to learn about the latest IELTS news and our new services.

Tips for Teacher

Do you teach English? We have tips and lessons for our fellow English teachers.

Core features of our Online Academy

The online IELTS course that is available when you are!

Hours of Video Lessons

Learn the best techniques for success at IELTS from high quality video lessons.

Interactive Online Exercises

Every lesson comes with interactive online exercises personal practice.


Study for IELTS in your own time and from anywhere! No need to attend classes.

24/7 IELTS expert support

We are always with you. Ask your IELTS advisor any questions.

Join our Online Academy.

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Our Educational Services

You have all the support you need for your IELTS preparation. Our team of English teachers, IELTS experts and examiners are always there for you with the highest quality educational services.

IELTS Online Academy

The world’s best Online IELTS preparation Academy with hours of video lessons, 24/7 IELTS tutor support, interactive exercises, discussion sections, webinars and downloadable materials.

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Writing Correction

Send us your sentences, paragraphs, letters, reports or essays and one of our experienced IELTS experts will assess them for you. You will love the human feedback from our side and improve like never before! We have corrected 1637 writing tasks so far!

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Skype Classes

Study in one-to-one Skype classes. In the comfort of your living room and the time of you choice, you'll receive lessons from the most experienced teachers. As of today, more than 492 students have used our one-to-one lessons over Skype or Google Helpouts.

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Oxford Placement Test

IELTS Juice offers this fantastic tool that measures your general English knowledge for free! It is the official Oxford Placement Test that determines your level of English and predicts your score in IELTS.

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